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Sarah Amos-Jones, kennel Cassom, Iso-Britannia
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Kim Gain, kennel Molkara, Iso-Britannia
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Mikko Tolvanen

Urokset pentuluokka 5-7 kk

Backhills Your The Man

  1. 1 KP Backhills Your The Man
    5 months old puppy. Head developing well. Well placed shoulders. Good length of upper arm. Well of the bone for age. Ribcage developing round. Firm topline. Moves soundly and happily. A little loose in front at the moment but will improve with age.

Urokset pentuluokka 7-9 kk

Leading-Light Speed Racer

  1. 1 KP BIS-PENTU Leading-Light Speed Racer
    8 months old orange roan. Well balanced head. Tight dark eye. Ample reach of neck. Good spring of rib. Well of the bone and substance. Nicely rounded quarters. Moves soundly when settled.
  2. 2 Coastline Johnny B. Good

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Pretty Flowers Gossip Girl

  1. 1 KP VSP-PENTU Pretty Flower's Gossip Girl
    Lovely head and expression. Ample reach of neck. Deep chest. Lovely shoulder line. Short deep body. Sound happy mover.
  2. 2 KP Coastline Janis Joplin
  3. 3 Pretty Flower's Goldielocks
  4. 4 Coastline Kiss And Tell

Urokset junioriluokka

Pretty Flowers Unus Sed Leo

  1. ERI 1 VASERT Pretty Flower's Unus Sed Leo
    Very nice head and expression. Well balanced throughout. Correct reach of neck and shoulder placement. Excellent bone quality. Short deep body. Just needs to develop a little more in forechest but has time for this. Well rounded quarters. Moved very well with drive.
  2. ERI 2 Absolut Style of Mary
  3. ERI 3 Pretty Flower's Renegade Master
  4. EH 4 Heart Rock The Living Daylights

Urokset nuorten luokka

Shavian Make Or Break

  1. ERI 1 Shavian Make Or Break
    Very nice head and expression. Correct reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good length of upper arm. Short deep body. Firm level topline. Well made hindquarters. Moved soundly when settled but watch the hair inside the front legs as constructing movement.
  2. ERI 2 Apelhöjdens Othello
  3. ERI 3 Spectrolite's King Is Back
  4. EH 4 Two Pine's Yup Yell

Urokset avoin luokka

Lochranza Mr Federer

  1. ERI 1 PU4 Lochranza Mr Federer
    Very nice head and soft expression. Correct neck and shoulder line. Compact body. Deep ribs. Well turned quarters. Moves soundly with drive.
  2. ERI 2 Shavian Dark Diamond
  3. ERI 3 Triplet Black Mirage
  4. ERI 4 Athina's Product Heart Throb

Urokset käyttöluokka

Pretty Flowers Super Trouper

  1. ERI 1 PU3 SERT Pretty Flower's Super Trouper
    Striking black and white. Nicely balanced head. Good expression. Would prefer slightly tighter eye. Correct reach of neck. Enough forechest. Short cobby body. Well angulated. Sound merry mover.
  2. ERI 2 Manchela Shiraz
  3. ERI 3 Asvina Do Nonsuchthing
  4. EH 4 Delichon Chubbycloud

Urokset valioluokka

Fenbrook Aint No Other

  1. ERI 1 PU1 VSP Fenbrook Ain't No Other
    Well balanced masculine head with plenty of work in it. Would prefer a slightly tighter eye. Correct reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Correct bone. Well sprung ribs. Well angulated quarters. Sound mover with plenty of drive.
  2. ERI 2 PU2 Flyers Zim Bean
  3. ERI 3 Dreamfilla's Bannana
  4. ERI 4 Isbahan's So What

Urokset veteraaniluokka

Baysway Lucky Dime

  1. ERI 1 VSP-VETERAANI Baysway Lucky Dime
    11 years old. Good head and eye. Correct reach of neck with well placed shoulders. Well sprung deep ribs. Good width to quarters. Keeping a good topline for his age. Moved soundly.
  2. ERI 2 Leavenworth Sings And Plays
  3. EH 3 Northworth A True Ashgrove
  4. EH 4 Olipa's Artemis

Nartut junioriluokka

Racoons Hot By Name

  1. ERI 1 PN4 SERT Raccoon's Hot By Name
    Nice type of bitch. Well balanced. Nice head, neck and shoulders. I'd like a slightly tighter eye. Correct body proportions. Good ribs. Excellent reach and drive in movement.
  2. ERI 2 Claremark Gubelin
  3. ERI 3 Raccoon's Hot Lady
  4. ERI 4 Shavian La Traviata

Nartut nuorten luokka

Two Pines Zillion Zyphor

  1. ERI 1 VASERT Two Pine's Zillion Zyphor
    Very nice type of bitch. Good outline with good front and rear assembly. Excellent forechest. Level topline. Correct set-on of tail. Sound on the move. I would like a bit more enthusiasm.
  2. ERI 2 Goldbird's Emerald
  3. ERI 3 Goldbird's Evergreen Dream
  4. EH 4 Benchmark Happy Ending

Nartut avoin luokka

Allways Proud Mary

  1. ERI 1 PN1 BIS Allway's Proud Mary
    Very nice type of bitch. Good head and expression. Dark eye. Excellent neck, shoulders and return of upper arm. Well ribbed body, short and deep. Excellent hindquarters. Good topline. Correct set-on of tail. Sound mover.
  2. ERI 2 Fenbrook Birthday Girl
  3. ERI 3 Margate Flaming Nora
  4. ERI 4 Benchmark A Love Like This

Nartut käyttöluokka

Fenbrook Say No More

  1. ERI 1 Fenbrook Say No More
    Well balanced bitch. Nice square outline. Very well angulated front. Good ribs with correct depth. Level topline held on the move. Correct set-on of tail. Sound.
  2. ERI 2 Cha-Cha-Cha Bleper's
  3. ERI 3 Triplet Universal Magic
  4. ERI 4 Coastline I'm Just A Girl

Nartut valioluokka

Blepers Yabba Dabba Doo

  1. ERI 1 PN2 Bleper's Yabba-Dabba-Doo
    Very nicely made bitch. Elegant in outline. Correct angulation in front and rear. Correct legs and feet. Level topline held on the move. Lovely coat and condition.
  2. ERI 2 PN3 A One's Teodora
  3. ERI 3 Cockergold Cool Blue Night
  4. ERI 4 Benchmark Ace Of Hearts

Nartut veteraaniluokka

Shavian Raindrop

  1. ERI 1 ROP-VET ERAANI Shavian Raindrop
    Lovely head and eye. Adequate reach of neck. Correct shoulder placement. Short well ribbed body. Good width to quarters. Short low hock. Sound mover with drive.
  2. ERI 2 Northworth Trust To Saga
  3. ERI 3 Benchmark Merci Michelle
  4. ERI 4 Triplet Magic Magilla



  1. 1 KP BIS kennel Flyers
    Another good group of type and size. All have similar heads and expression and front and rear assembly. All moved soundly.
  2. 2 KP kennel Benchmark
  3. 3 KP kennel Raccoon's
  4. 4 KP kennel Triplet



  1. 1 KP BIS XXL of Black Mirage
    He's producing nice type of offspring. All similar with good substance. All moved well. Good tail carriages.
  2. 2 KP Coastline Hippie Girl

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Paras pari

  1. Triplet Black Mirage & Triplet Universal Magic

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Paras pää

  1. Kristala Cockwave's Black Love